The Daily Images (14 Jan’ 2016)


‘Art’ takes many forms, not all of them necessarily mono-dimensional.  For many years I have been a model railway enthusiast, using 1: 148 scale (‘British’ N-scale) to reproduce in miniature the sorts of things that could be seen in the ‘full-sized’ world.  An example of this appears below. It depicts the battery (also known as a ‘reduction-works’) of the Kaisers Reef (Hauraki) Gold Mining Co. Ltd.   In common with many of my efforts it is fictional in concept, although based on actual similar plants and is technically-accurate in what it portrays.   It is included for your viewing pleasure as it is a verifiable ‘work of art’ , albeit in three dimensional form; the colours and techniques used in creating the model forming (at least in my opinion) a cohesive whole, and contributing to the over-all narrative.

DSCF3454 (2)

Kaisers Reef (Hauraki) G. M. Co. 40-stamp Battery and cyanide plant

Notes: Scale: 1:148.

Dimensions:  13 in. x 13.5 in. x  5 in.

Materials used: Mixed media.



DSCF2897 (2)

 New Zealand Government Rlys. Dept. Class Wb.

These were a small tank locomotive of 2-6-4T wheel arrangement, and were used on light track  and suburban service.


The Daily Images (14 Jan’ 2016)