Inktober 2017: ‘Underwater’

IDSCF1069 (3)

Inktober is an annual international fun challenge for whomever cares to participate. The Inktober organisers post a list of numbered daily ideas for ‘inspiration’ for each day of the month of October, and respondents are then invited to post one original pen and ink piece per day, based on that ‘inspiration’ , on their favourite pen and ink site.

It’s fun and quite challenging. Herewith another example that I I have submitted for Inktober 2017.

Inktober Challenge. ‘Underwater’.

‘Underwater’ (My interpretation of the word ‘Underwater’).

Technical Details: Unipin 0.8 nib black-ink pen on white 80gsm A4 paper.
Dimensions: 5 in. x 3.5 in.

Note: This scene frequently occurs in abandoned mines (in this instance a gold mine), where water gradually encroaches on the workings, and covers all that has been left behind, often to a considerable depth.. In the image, the rails of the railway along which the ore wagons used to run can be seen below water level, while the light from the viewer’s lamp reflects off the walls of the working and the water while also illuminating other parts of the mine visible in the distance.


Inktober 2017: ‘Underwater’

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