Featured Image, 18 April 2016

Toi. Toi.  (37)



(Depth: 675 ft.)


The ‘Featured Image’ for 18 April 2016, is of the surface workings and machinery associated with the Te Kereru [Tea Care-Rare-Roo] Mining and Investment Co. Ltd.’s  Toi Toi  (Toy Toy) shaft, (currently 675 feet, deep).  The  surrounding Toi Toi mine workings are also visible. The Toi Toi shaft Poppett Head (Head Frame) is visible to the right rear of the image, with the shaft Winding Engine House (and chimney from the adjacent boiler house) is visible in the immediate foreground.  In the rear of the image, the adit portals of various other workings are visible.  From Left to Right these are :   No.4 (visible at extreme left of image); No.6 (behind crane); No.5 (behind Popett Head.  No.3 adit is immediately behind the chimney, but is obscured by the latter.  The original (and now closed) No.1 working is visible at the top of the image at a point above and to the right of the Winding Engine House chimney.


Featured Image, 18 April 2016

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